1930’s European/German Haircut Redux

Looking through my site stats and seeing what site visitors were searching for that led them here and there’s pretty much only two things that I have that people consistently want to know about.
One of them is this icebox.
The other one is this haircut :

I’m going in to see Brit @ Play Hair Lounge in the next few days and am planning on getting this exact cut again. Last time I took pretty lousy pictures of Brit’s finished work so to make amends and to hopefully help some of those who are searching this site for 1930’s German/Euro haircut ideas, I’ll be as detailed as I can and maybe ask Brit to let me in on some of the details and I’ll share them here. Stay tuned. Better yet, subscribe to this blog and you’ll get it in yer inbox (and thus make my day to boot!)



How-Tuesday: The Straight Shave

I’ve been really interested in straight razor shaving lately.
I stumbled across this blog and thought you gentlemen might catch the fever as well:

A gentlemen’s quick tip about shaving

Dragging your razor against the grain of your stubble might give you a close shave but it will most certainly damage your skin in the long run. You will get a close enough shave going with the grain as long as your blade is sharp enough.