1930’s European/German Haircut Redux

Looking through my site stats and seeing what site visitors were searching for that led them here and there’s pretty much only two things that I have that people consistently want to know about.
One of them is this icebox.
The other one is this haircut :

I’m going in to see Brit @ Play Hair Lounge in the next few days and am planning on getting this exact cut again. Last time I took pretty lousy pictures of Brit’s finished work so to make amends and to hopefully help some of those who are searching this site for 1930’s German/Euro haircut ideas, I’ll be as detailed as I can and maybe ask Brit to let me in on some of the details and I’ll share them here. Stay tuned. Better yet, subscribe to this blog and you’ll get it in yer inbox (and thus make my day to boot!)



1930’s European Haircut…

Getting a haircut is a big deal for me. I pour over pictures for weeks. I compile a list of barber shops that specialize in vintage hair styles, gather reviews, and literally pine for the day I get the perfect haircut.  Last month I tried a fantastically named place called “The Men’s Room”. It was appropriately named and a perfect not-nearly-up-to-date-hole-in-the-wall type place that I’d hoped would be this little gem that was all mine.  A place where I could always go for the perfect gentlemen’s haircut over and over again and return to even if I moved far away. Oh how I wanted The Men’s Room to work out for me. But alas, it was not to be.  First off, A lady hair. Hear me because I’m not saying I object to this in the least – I’m just saying that at a place called The Men’s Room ~  I really was hoping for a very salty, very old US army vet barber like Frank at Frank’s Barber Shop in West Covina.  When I’d specify a 1930’s or 1940’s haircut, he’d know it by heart cos he’d have worn the cut himself in said decades.  But I digress.  As of this time yesterday, I was still looking.

Last night I got myself a haircut at a new place, Play Hair Lounge in Simi Valley…a place that I’d never think I’d find myself in. I like old and outdated and this place was modern and hip.  My wife has long curly hair that never seems to get cut right but she’d decided to try the very-close-to-home Play Hair Lounge last week with a stylist named Brit and hallelujah, it was an amazing cut~! Great sign. I made myself an appointment to sit in the chair a week later. Last night was decision day and ~ I was won over. Brit did an amazing job, learning my hair and getting it just absolutely perfect. She patiently spent a very long time with me as we finessed and whittled our way down to what I see as the perfect hair cut (for me at least).  Usually I’d get a haircut in 15 minutes and be out the door and complain for the next month and a half about how I didn’t like the cut.  She actually spent time, nailed down exactly what I wanted (1930’s-ish German-esque!)  and thus won me over.  I’m going to her every time and I’m getting this haircut every time. I hope my hair stays in my head long enough for me to get this haircut many times over

Brit gets the Hair Tonic & Horse Feathers seal of approval.

How-Tuesday: The Straight Shave

I’ve been really interested in straight razor shaving lately.
I stumbled across this blog and thought you gentlemen might catch the fever as well:

A gentlemen’s quick tip about shaving

Dragging your razor against the grain of your stubble might give you a close shave but it will most certainly damage your skin in the long run. You will get a close enough shave going with the grain as long as your blade is sharp enough.