How-Tuesday: The Straight Shave

I’ve been really interested in straight razor shaving lately.
I stumbled across this blog and thought you gentlemen might catch the fever as well:

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  1. lillian Juares
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 21:42:37

    Straight Razor

    Whether you are a collector or just a good old boy who wants to start using one, you need to know where to buy straight razor.

    Your best bet is do a search online or visit pawn shops or maybe even a knife shop, if you know where there is one. If you do collect them then you should look at flea markets and go to auctions to buy straight razor to expand your collection. Antique stores may be a good place to find vintage razors, as well.

    If you find one you may then need to clean it before you add it to your collection or even start using it. There are specific steps to follow to achieve this and bring your new razor back to life, so to speak.

    First, if the razor happens to be all metal then you can place the whole thing in a pan of boiling water for 10 minutes to let the dirt and grime loosen up a bit. Then take a brush to it and scrub the heck out of it. The brush you use does not have to be anything special. An old tooth brush will do just fine.

    Scrub off all the loosened dirt and then take a cotton swab to get into any engravings or decoration that are holding stubborn dirt. Depending on the way the blade was stored you may have to use some type of degreaser on it to clean it successfully.

    If the straight razor is badly rusted you may want to clean it up by using a grinder and taking the rust off that way. you could sharpen the blade at the same time unless ther is still some cleaning to do then wait and sharpen the blade at a later time to save your fingers and hand from cuts while you are handling it.


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