Ideas are Free. Take this one.

I have an affinity for teeny tiny delicate things so the small purple flowers blossoming on some weeds in our front lawn caught my attention. I thought I’d snip a small sprig (and a single flower from our accidental Bougainvillea) and give a weed a new identity by having it decorate our bathroom…our teeny tiny bathroom (though it’s blossoms fell before I decided to snap a picture).

For vases I used the glass lids of some vintage oil & vinegar bottles my wife got at an antique store a while back for use as a bathroom decorations (the bottles themselves are seen in the photo above on the left and right sides). She had the clever idea to use the bottles as oil vases to put scented oil sticks in. To enhance our bathroom enhances , my wife found oil sticks with pretty decorative flowers on the end of them which you can sort of almost see at the top right corner.

Does this idea work for your space? Do you have some throwaway flowers and an eensy vase? Try it, photograph it, and send it my way and I’ll post it here.

Armenian painting progression

I don’t want to show too much of the details just yet but last night I was finally able to spend some time with the painting after many years. I spent a few hours with actually only one color and I feel like I made some great progress. My biggest task ahead is actually visible in the picture above: Etchmiadzin. You can see the unfinished structure on the right side of the image. That’s where I stopped years ago and I’ll have to get my head back into the realm of painting a bit more before I feel like I can tackle that one.

I took a picture of the part that I’m enjoying most at the moment; behind the cross is a flag drawn up into four squares represents the four Armenian dynasties throughout history: the Bagratuni Dynasty, Arsacid Dynasty,  Artaxiad Dynasty, and the Roubinian Dynasty.

Just about 2 or 3 weeks left till it’s unveiled!

this is what it sounds like when strings cry.

I’m listening to Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings” and Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony, 4th movement on a 2-song-loop today and I just want to leave work early,  go sit in the wilderness by myself and weep or something because I just can’t handle these songs. These songs are unhuman, beautiful and otherworldly. Have a listen and see how your day goes:

Composed in 1936, this tense and haunting melody is one of the most famous pieces of modern classical music. There are choral versions of it out there that are just as heavenly.

As a side note, Tchaikovsky’s 6th, 4th movement is one of my favorite pieces of music, if not my most favorite. 9 days after the premiere of this symphony he was dead.  Traditionally his cause of death was cholera but many, including myself, speculate that it was suicide. I think it because you can hear the will to live slip out of him in this piece.

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Musica Demostraciónes de la Daniel Jacob

I’ve not really been even thinking about music for the last few years but interestingly enough alot of my posts have to do with music. Hmmm. I wonder if the inner me is telling something to the outer me.

Anyways. I’ve had it in mind, since my epic failure at this February’s FAWM, to post some of the demos I’d put up on YouTube. There’s  a lot more but I tried to stick with demos I made on my own and not with the band as to not get tangled up in any I-didn’t-want-you-to-post-this-ness.

Iffin’s you want to take a listen, below are many links. Bear in mind that I am infamous amongst my band members for my poor quality recordings. I’m about getting the idea down more so that I am about the ‘cleanliness’ of the recording.

my body is the mansion

overcome by fate


apostle’s creed, assassin’s heart

baby it’s gonna be bad

you in the foot hills, i in the grotto

you’re the only crown i want


tiny machines


lights on at the mission

odar’s sonata


carve my name

the days to come won’t make as much sense as today (but at least we had today)

pinprick night sky

overcome by fate





your lover is approaching

that night (rufus wainwright cover) – it’s not an original, no, but I included it because it went pretty far afield of the original version and perhaps one day I’ll rework this song and make it my own.  AS far as I know Rufus Wainwright heard my version of this song as it was on a fan made compilation of his songs done by his fans and given to him. I know for a fact tho that he’s heard this song of mine tho. I have an interesting story about Rufus and this song which I may share later.

Art Speak

Just a quick note which I’ll expand on later. I will be presenting a painting I did of the entire Armenian history for the first time in public next month at an Armenian school in the valley and will speak briefly about it followed by Q & A afterward. More details will follow.

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