Armenian painting progression

I don’t want to show too much of the details just yet but last night I was finally able to spend some time with the painting after many years. I spent a few hours with actually only one color and I feel like I made some great progress. My biggest task ahead is actually visible in the picture above: Etchmiadzin. You can see the unfinished structure on the right side of the image. That’s where I stopped years ago and I’ll have to get my head back into the realm of painting a bit more before I feel like I can tackle that one.

I took a picture of the part that I’m enjoying most at the moment; behind the cross is a flag drawn up into four squares represents the four Armenian dynasties throughout history: the Bagratuni Dynasty, Arsacid Dynasty,  Artaxiad Dynasty, and the Roubinian Dynasty.

Just about 2 or 3 weeks left till it’s unveiled!


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Art Speak

Just a quick note which I’ll expand on later. I will be presenting a painting I did of the entire Armenian history for the first time in public next month at an Armenian school in the valley and will speak briefly about it followed by Q & A afterward. More details will follow.