Musica Demostraciónes de la Daniel Jacob

I’ve not really been even thinking about music for the last few years but interestingly enough alot of my posts have to do with music. Hmmm. I wonder if the inner me is telling something to the outer me.

Anyways. I’ve had it in mind, since my epic failure at this February’s FAWM, to post some of the demos I’d put up on YouTube. There’s  a lot more but I tried to stick with demos I made on my own and not with the band as to not get tangled up in any I-didn’t-want-you-to-post-this-ness.

Iffin’s you want to take a listen, below are many links. Bear in mind that I am infamous amongst my band members for my poor quality recordings. I’m about getting the idea down more so that I am about the ‘cleanliness’ of the recording.

my body is the mansion

overcome by fate


apostle’s creed, assassin’s heart

baby it’s gonna be bad

you in the foot hills, i in the grotto

you’re the only crown i want


tiny machines


lights on at the mission

odar’s sonata


carve my name

the days to come won’t make as much sense as today (but at least we had today)

pinprick night sky

overcome by fate





your lover is approaching

that night (rufus wainwright cover) – it’s not an original, no, but I included it because it went pretty far afield of the original version and perhaps one day I’ll rework this song and make it my own.  AS far as I know Rufus Wainwright heard my version of this song as it was on a fan made compilation of his songs done by his fans and given to him. I know for a fact tho that he’s heard this song of mine tho. I have an interesting story about Rufus and this song which I may share later.


Meet Me in the Fields…revisited

Around the vicinity of 8 years ago I wrote a song called Meet Me in the Fields. 6 years ago my band released the song on an EP.  4 years ago we made a music video for the song and put it out into the world.  Now just recently Jacob Morales, my friend who helped shoot & direct the video took the 4-year-old green screen footage from the original video and reinterpreted it and made a new video for the song.

The singing chap in the cap is yours truly.

Thanks, Jacob!
Friends, please visit Jacob’s blog as he’s got a penchant for the antiquated, melodic and unique as well.

PS – here’s the original video. My first attempt at post production film work: