Sew sweet.

This weekend my wife and I were at one of our favorite antique shops in Simi Valley and she spotted this lovely piece of turn-of-the-century sewing machinery.

The Sewing Machine with the machine tucked away inside










We’ve been semi-hunting for a unique looking table or even a stack of vintage suitcases to rest our tele~vison on. Once we saw this beautifully engraved piece we thought it’d be perfect. We envisioned that we could put our TV on top and our radio would hopefully fit underneath , on top of the foot pedal. And at $50 for a sewing machine table without the sewing machine? Usually we’d pass it up but the table was so lovely and a bit of what we were looking for so….”we’ll take it”.  Then, upon clearing it off, it turns out the machine was inside after all! We and the dealer missed that upon first inspection (as it was covered in other merch) but the dealer was kind enough to give it to us at the price she originally quoted us! What a gem, right?

So now it sits in our little blue living room ~ and certainly commands the attention of the room! Our radio is just a hair too big to fit underneath so for the time being, we’ve decided to keep the radio up top and store the records underneath and alas…our television is still homeless.


New Vanity


This is our newest edition to the house: a Sligh Furniture Co. 1920’s/30’s era vanity for my wife for Christmas.
I have to confess that this came from an antique store. I’ve never strayed from thrift stores and good old fashioned hand-me-downs/garbage rescues in all my years but in 2010 my loyalties was a little loose. This piece was so beautiful, desperately needed and was priced so good (and my wife bargains so well) that we practically stole it. It needed just a small bit of structural repair (all on the back, thank goodness) and wa-la.


PS – this yellow color on the walls was picked by my wife and it’s my favorite color in the entire house.