Chrysler, their new ad, and the PT Cruiser

I think Chrysler’s latest model is just as “eh” as everything else they’ve put out in terms of style in the last 45 years but I do love the commercial so very much.

“What ever happened to style?”

When do you the car makers sucked most of the style out of the automobiles they made?

I had such high high hopes for the PT Cruiser actually. It was going in such a great direction and I think it could’ve turned the tide as far as bringing back some of it’s early/mid-century style but alas, the PT Cruiser was nixed after less than 10 years. Why? Well I think they frankly just made it and left it alone for the most part. No additional thought was given to what could’ve developed into an amazing and classic vehicle. Instead they made a modern version of a paddy-wagon and called it a day.

But I digress. When do you think cars stopped being works of art?